Skootamatta History Project - Tales of Skootamatta

In 2010-12 about 60 History Project forms were distributed in paper format and the form was made available by email and on the SDRA website. To date, we have received and transcribed 34 contributions, which we are now in the process of adding to the site.


The distribution of responses around the lakes are Hughes Landing Road(12); Oborne Point Road (6); North Shore Road (5); Bible, Masson and Blake Islands (3) Jacques Bay Road (2) Sheldrake Bay Road (2); Henniger Road (2); The Narrows (1). So far there are none from the Upper Lake, Sheldrake Lake and Pringle Lake.

We very much welcome your contributions to this project, so please write an account of your cottage and your family's early and/or recent experiences, preferably with a few photos, and help SDRA make a lasting record for future generations!

You can send us your stories using the Lake Tales Submission Form.

Lake Tales

By Eleanor Grennell June 2nd, 2012 will mark 100 years since Douglas Alkenbrack’s birth. He was born in Rydalbank in northern Ontario near Saulte St. Marie. His father Claude left Southern Ontario to work with his brother Roy in a lumber camp near Rydalba…
By Jennifer Alkenbrack Robertson My grandfather loved Skootamatta. "The Camp," as he affectionately called it, was his favorite place to be when he wasn't in Ottawa or on the campaign trail! When we were kids, Grandpa would always precede us to the cottag…
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