2017 Photo Contest

Thanks to everyone who submitted photos for this year's contest.  There were 55 photos submitted.
Congratulations to all of the prize winners listed below!

Thank you also to the 71 members whose votes determined this year's winners. 
Scores were calculated based on the number of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place votes. 
1st place votes were worth 3 points, 2nd place votes were worth 2 points and 3rd place votes were worth 1 point.


First prize:   $50   46.  ‘In-Flight' by Adam Schiefer

  75 points

Second prize:  $30   34.  'Charlie's Boathouse' by Bill Suddick

  45 points

Third prize:  $20   42.  'October Sunrise' by Fritz Nussburger   33 points

Honourable Mentions

  11.  'Cottage Season Sunset' (Susan Arthurs: Photo Credit Joel Arthurs)   28 points
  41.  'Winter Thaw' (Diane Hering)   16 points
  23.  'Reflections' (Jason Field)   16 points

The Top 12 photos are featured on the 2018 SDRA Calendar, available now through our Zazzle store! 

Here are all of the submissions for 2017 (HM = Honourable Mention):