Kay and Don Brundage Cottage

Kay and Don Brundage 274 North Shore Road Anglessea Con 11 Pt Lot 6.7 29R1710 Part 2, 17 Ptshore Rd allow Skootamatta Lake, irreg. We purchased the land in 1978 from Mr.… http://skootamatta.ca/blog/kay-and-don-brundage-cottage/

Mike , Bruce and Glenn Bible, Lynn, Laurie, and Bessie Burnett Cottage

Mike , Bruce and Glenn Bible, Lynn, Laurie, and Bessie Burnett Big Island (currently named Bible Island) My Grandfather came to the Lake in the early 20’s. The original… http://skootamatta.ca/blog/mike-bruce-and-glenn-bible-lynn-laurie-and-bessie-burnett-cottage/

Donald A. Bailey and Hannah J. Bailey Cottage

Donald A. Bailey and Hannah J. Bailey 2017 Hughes Landing Road Anglesea Con 11 mpPt Lot 13 irreg. The original owners, Robert and Edna Dunlop, sold it to Frederick David… http://skootamatta.ca/blog/donald-bailey-and-hannah-j-bailey-cottage/

Eleanor Aass Cottage

Eleanor Aass 1397 Jacques Bay Road Our cottage was built in the summer of 1957. We are the original owners in 2012. My brother, Gordon Giffiths was a mining engineer,… http://skootamatta.ca/blog/eleanor-aass-cottage/

History of the Stewart Cottage

By Malcolm Stewart The Stewart cottage is situated on 2-acre Masson Island named after the original owners, Thomas M. and May C. Masson, who owned it from 1926 to 1956. The… http://skootamatta.ca/blog/history-stewart-cottage/

The Hughes General Store

By Nancy Kallina The Hughes General Store was the setting for many memories that were formed on the lake. And always central to those memories was Georgina and Stan Hughes.… http://skootamatta.ca/blog/hughes-general-store/

The Hughes of Hughes Landing Road

By Nancy Kallina Sheldrake Bay, on the southwest end of Skootamatta Lake was developed by cottagers in the 1960‘s. However, for over a decade before this, a little white… http://skootamatta.ca/blog/hughes-hughes-landing-road/

A. Douglas Alkenbrack - Memories of a Local MP

By Nancy Kallina The winter of 1978 was unusual, quite cold but with little snow. As a result the lake froze over to create a wonderful enormous skating rink. While out for a… http://skootamatta.ca/blog/douglas-alkenbrack-memories-local-mp/

A. Douglas Alkenbrack - Memories of a Daughter

By Eleanor Grennell June 2nd, 2012 will mark 100 years since Douglas Alkenbrack’s birth. He was born in Rydalbank in northern Ontario near Saulte St. Marie. His father Claude… http://skootamatta.ca/blog/douglas-alkenbrack-memories-daughter/

A. Douglas Alkenbrack - Memories of a Granddaughter

By Jennifer Alkenbrack Robertson My grandfather loved Skootamatta. "The Camp," as he affectionately called it, was his favorite place to be when he wasn't in Ottawa or on… http://skootamatta.ca/blog/douglas-alkenbrack-memories-granddaughter/