Water Access Only Septic Pumping

Apr 13, 2019

This Spring Kawartha Utility Services will be on Mazinaw and Kashwakamak Lakes doing septic tank pumping for water access only cottages. They will come to Skootamatta Lake if we can get a minimum of 8 cottages to participate.
SDRA is not endorsing this company but we are simply making you aware that this service exists and that we are willing to coordinate the effort. Terri Foster's email is below along with costs. We clarified "Island Cottages only" with her. This also includes all water access only cottages. None of our local septic pumping companies provide water access only pumping. However, KUC will work with Mumby to transport waste away from Skootamatta.
If you are interested in this service please email info@skootamatta.ca and I will make a list that I can forward to Terri. One SDRA member said they have not had their tank pumped in 16 years. Obviously, this is not an easy service to coordinate. But with a group as large as SDRA we should be able to do it.

Hi Paul,

Fran has asked me to email you some information about Septic pumping on Skootamatta Lake. We only do Island and Water Access Only Cottages.  We will need a minimum of 8 cottages for us to come there. We will need everyone's Name, Phone number, Island/Water Access address and email address.

It will be a cost of $1150.00 per 1000L septic tank. If someone has a map of the lake it would be extremely helpful or perhaps one person would volunteer to guide our crew around for a day to let them know where everyone is. I can't give you an exact time just yet so we will see if first, we can get at least 8 cottages signed up. Any questions at all Paul feel free to email me or call.

Thank you,

Terri Foster

Kawartha Utility Services

(705) 654-4000 Phone

(705) 654-4993 Fax


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