Jul 09, 2018

Due to the dryness causing extreme fire conditions, Addington Highlands and North Frontenac Townships have both ordered a TOTAL FIRE BAN effective at 8:00am July 10, 2018. 
A full explanation of a TOTAL FIRE BAN appears below:
"Fire Ban” means a Total Fire Ban and shall prohibit: burning of debris, burning in an outdoor incinerator, chimineas, Fireworks displays, campfires of any type, and charcoal installations.  NOTE: During a Fire Ban a BBQ or Hibachi (charcoal installation) may be used provided the installation is used within 100 meters of a permanent structure used as a dwelling that you occupy, or, in an organized campground; is at least 2 meters from any flammable material and the ashes and coals produced are completely extinguished and safely disposed of.”
If you should witness ANY open fire during the Total Fire Ban, PLEASE advise the people doing the burning of the TOTAL FIRE BAN!
Your assistance in helping to prevent a forest fire is greatly appreciated.


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