Spring Dam Operations

May 23, 2018

Every Spring, Quinte Conservation places stop logs in the Skootamatta dam to control the water levels downstream. Early this spring, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry replaced the gantry system, which is used to lift the logs.

On May 10th, Quinte visited the dam and placed two logs, recording a water level of 3.33 metres. At this point, water levels were slightly above normal spring levels. On May 17th, two more logs were placed to reduce the outflow from the lake and a water level of 3.33 metres was recorded. This indicates that there was a lot of spring melt entering the lake during the week.

As of right now, there is lots of water in the system and there would be no reason to pull or place more logs. Weather conditions throughout the summer will dictate the need for any further dam operations. As Skootamatta Lake is a primary source of water for the Quinte Watershed, we sometimes experience water level fluctuations to maintain downstream water levels.

Quinte Conservation has been exceptional, by keeping the SDRA Board informed of dam operation activity. We will continue to communicate with them and keep our members informed.

Joel Arthurs
Director - Lake Steward
on behalf of the SDRA Board


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