Road Clean Up Day

Aug 19, 2013

As we all have seen, there are many litter bugs that travel our roads. Over time the litter can accumulate. A few people have taken it on themselves to attempt to clean up excessive litter as it occurs. But many hands make light work. Please consider doing your part and participate in this year's road clean-up day.

Clean-Up on Saturday August 24th from morning until 12 noon. Please either target a problem area or a stretch of road near your property and bring the collected trash to our collection point.

We ask the following. Please,

  • try to separate recyclables from non-recyclables if possible
  • exercise caution and wear gloves for sharp objectives
  • only bring trash collected from the roadside and public space

Member Peter Parker has agreed to transport the trash to the appropriate Township dump. Please bring collected trash to the Skootamatta Lake Rd./Hughes Landing Road from 11:30am to 12:15pm. Please do not bring your household and personal garbage.

The Township has agreed to waive the collection fee for this purpose.

The SDRA would like to thank Peter for his assistance.


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