Pine Meadow Charity Golf Tournament

May 10, 2014

The Pine Meadow Special Needs Charity Golf Tournament, will take place this summer on Saturday, June 21.

This tournament is held annually to raise funds for items/projects at Pine Meadow Nursing Home which are not covered in their regular budget.

In the past the funds have been used to purchase special lifts, tracks and slings, for defibrillators, outdoor garden and living spaces, monitors, towel warmers, exercise equipment, electric beds and to subsidize monthly excursions for residents. This year we will be using the funds raised from sponsors, the golf tournament and the raffle to purchase wrought iron fencing for an outdoor garden/courtyard at the back of the residence which will be adjacent to the new extension on Pine Meadow.

Last year we appreciated the generous sponsorship of the Flynn family who chose to celebrate 50 years on Lake Kashwakamak through support of the golf tournament. Perhaps there are families on Skootamatta who might consider sponsorship of the tournament for their own personal celebrations or memorials.

Inquiries about sponsorship should be directed to Laury Hitchcock at 613-336-2394 or by email at

Inquiries about the golf tournament should be directed to Eleanor Nowell at Nowell Motors. Additional information is available in the Information Sheet and Registration Form.

Thank you so much for your interest.

Laury Hitchcock



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