In Memoriam: Louis Redden

Apr 26, 2015

Louis Redden.jpgIt is with sadness to announce the death of my father Louis Redden in his 90th year at Soldier’s Memorial Hospital, Middleton Nova Scotia.

He was a veteran of the Second World War and served in the Royal Canadian Navy on several ships overseas. He made three trips with convoys to Northern Russia and was subsequently awarded a commendation from the Canadian and Russian Government for his service. He later joined the RCAF and retired after 20 years.

A visit by our family to Skootamatta Lake in the summer of 1963 as guests of the Baileys’ cottage at the south end of the Narrows was the beginning of a life-long affair with the lake.

Dad bought a lot at the north end of the Narrows in 1964 and proceeded to build our cottage. No road, no hydro in those days made it a challenge but the peace and quiet, dark starry nights made it all worthwhile and rewarding.

Dad and Mom moved back to their roots in Nova Scotia many years ago and lived in a beautiful seaside cottage but always talked about how much they loved and missed Skootamatta Lake.

He is deeply missed by wife Isabelle, son John and daughter Linda. 


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