In Memoriam: Catherine Chinnick

Mar 09, 2015

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of our dear mother, Catherine Chinnick, on Feb 1, 2015, in her 92nd year of life. With her passing, we reflect on the end of the first two generations of Chinnicks on Skootamatta (Loon) Lake, starting with our Grandfather Percy Chinnick and our Dad, Bob Chinnick, vacationing at the lake in the late 1920s thru mid-1930s, leading to Dad’s purchase of land in 1955, and then years of Mom “pioneering” with 5 children, including diapers, until roads, power and electrically supplied running water finally reduced the burden.

Of course, for the ultimately 6 children raised during their summers at the lake, this was all a great adventure and growing up experience, leading to an enduring love and respect for Lake Skootamatta. We have great memories and stories of Mom’s sacrifices on our behalf, her sense of humour and wisdom, and our carefree (well – there were chores!)  enjoyment of the free environment. We are very pleased that now Mom and Dad’s 13 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren enjoy coming the lake to spend time at “their” cottage.

Some great and enduring cottage friendships were enjoyed by Mom and Dad, and we are proud of the role they played in introducing families to the lake, who have stayed and made significant contributions to the Skootamatta community.

Her children Karen, Jim, Elizabeth, Ruth, Andrew and Mark all dearly love the great Mother they had.  Her grandchildren and great grandchildren remember with love and respect her wisdom, patience, and zest for life. We will all remember and love her  forever.

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