Logging on Oborne Point Rd. & Hughes Landing Rd.

Jan 30, 2018

We want to let the membership know that there has been some new logging taking place along Oborne Point Rd. This was new to this road but as we found out at the 2017 AGM from Mazinaw Lanark Forestry Inc. (MLFI) this is part of the second phase of their 10 year plan for this area. Jackie Bleecker and I went to the area to look at what was being done. We walked along the logging road for about 20 minutes. The road is more of a winding path through the trees. They are selecting specific trees and taking the logs out to a loading area on Oborne Point Rd. where a logging truck is taking them away. We were pleased with what we saw. It is exactly what MLFI told us they were going to do. We could see that regrowth of trees and underbrush would likely happen very quickly such that the work areas would be barely noticeable.

I contacted Matt Mertins at MLFI to get his input. Matt has been excellent to work with through all of the logging stages. The area they are working on from Oborne Point Rd is a 90 acre area that stretches over to Hughes Landing Rd. There is also a logging road going into the area from Hughes Landing Rd. The logging in this 90 acre area will be complete in the next week or two. The type of logging they are doing is "Commercial Thinning". It will allow some trees to be removed and give the remainder more room to grow. The wood from this area will be used for Softwood Lumber, Pulp and Commercial Fuel Wood.

Another logging road running south from Hughes Landing Rd. just past the Causeway will also be used this winter and continue until early March.

We will let you know of any other developments throughout the winter.


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