The Kojro-Vetere Cottage

Jul 15, 2017

By Paula Vetere

Our property, 72 North Shore Rd. was purchased by my parents, George and Marlene Kojro in 1981.  Much of North Shore Rd. was previously owned by the Ballentynes, and parceled off into several lots and sold.
When we cleared out the swampy land and brought in some fill, planted some grass and cleared the beach of rocks and debris, it soon became our favourite place in the world.  My dad hired a local contractor, Lee Blackwell, to build the exterior of the cottage, then dad meticulously finished off the inside on his own over a period of years.  The whole family enjoyed the cottage until 2007.  In 2007 my husband Dominic and myself (Paula) took over ownership and duties of running the cottage with our own two children Carly and Dustin.  It continues to be our weekend retreat year round.
One of the wonderful parts of cottaging on Skootamatta Lake is the rich history of family relationships on the lake.  We are now very close friends with many of our neighbors whose parents were very close friends with our parents.  Now our children are beginning to form relationships with their children.  Three generations of friendships is something you don't find often in the city.   There is no place like Skootamatta Lake to unwind and enjoy nature at it's fullest.  We are smitten with this lake.

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