Kay and Don Brundage Cottage

Oct 14, 2013

Kay and Don Brundage

274 North Shore Road

Anglessea Con 11 Pt Lot 6.7 29R1710 Part 2, 17 Ptshore Rd allow Skootamatta Lake, irreg.

We purchased the land in 1978 from Mr. Ballantyne and several mortgage companies. The property (about 1500 feet of shoreline) was in receivership. At the same time, besides ourselves, Stu and Sylvia Hunter, Kent Farrow, Ron and Sharon McKay, Alan Souter, and Harry and Rita Belyea , bought and built.

We chose this lake because it was quiet, the property was available, and our best luck was having Billy Bob Watt as a neighbour.

We put in our footings in 1979, and a Viceroy shell in 1980. Each year, we added one improvement, helped by Mac Salmon, - electricity, water, ceilings, walls, doors, etc.

We remember much happiness on the Lake. Friends, our children bringing friends from Queens, wind surfing, canoeing, occasional wild storms.

Changes we have seen on the Lake – it’s a little busier; some road improvements (to be deteriorated with the advent of logging trucks); closer relations with North Shore neighbours, Lake events, SDRA meetings and picnics.

Our neighbour to the left is our son, Mark Brundage, and his wife, Denise, and our neighbour to the right is Ron McKay, and his wife Sharon.

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