Ice Out and Spring Dam Operations

Apr 21, 2017

So, a couple quick updates.

April 17 is the official contest date for the Great Canadian Skootamatta Ice Contest. Many thanks to Susan Hopkins and Jackie Bleecker for watching the ice while Paul was away. And thank you to others who sent me pictures and information about other parts of the lake. There were 109 guesses in the contest. Congratulations to the following people who got it right:

Ted & Maureen Mahoney
Don & Laury Hitchcock
Bob & Jane Ludolph
Jan Longo
Malcolm Stewart
Joan & Daryl Hudgin
Laurie Carson
Kent Farrow
Darien Kissman
Nick Burtnyk
Our highly valuable prizes will be awarded at the AGM in July. I will come up with some sort of competition to see who, among our many winners, gets to take home the top prize.
Secondly, we have been in contact with Quinte since the ice went out and have been able to nail down some details on the dam operations for this spring.
First, we have been told that there is lots of water in the system this spring, unlike last year at this time, but only time and weather will tell how the summer will shape up.  Let's hope for a wetter spring (sorry about the blackflies...).  The cleanup of the dam site, from last years' log replacement, should happen next week. At the same time, the logs should be placed in the dam for the spring season. 
Ok, enough of that seriousness, LET COTTAGE SEASON BEGIN!


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