The Hughes General Store

Oct 13, 2013

By Nancy Kallina


stan-hughes-pumping-gas.jpgThe Hughes General Store was the setting for many memories that were formed on the lake. And always central to those memories was Georgina and Stan Hughes. ―The store‖ was there for emergency needs or as the natural destination for lazy walks and boat rides – often for no other purpose than to fill a small paper bag with delicious treats picked out of the glass jars, browsing the comic trade box (buy for 10 cents and trade back for 5 cents), or selecting refreshing ice cream from the freezer. That little store had everything one needed, no matter how obscure. Household staples, hardware, boating supplies, the Hughes stocked it all. In those days credit was given by signing ―the book‖ that customers settled at the end of each week. The Hughes were always willing to help their neighbour's in need. I recall them taking myself and my sister into their home one winter evening as my parents attempted to get across the lake with their supplies during a winter storm. Stan helped my parents get across while Georgina warmed us children by the fire with hot chocolate. It seemed fitting that this year we pay honour to Georgina and her family. We thank Carolyn McCulloch for summarizing some of Hughes‘ history for those of us who re-member those days and for those who are newer to the lake and may not know their rich contribution.

Category: Lake Tales

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