Great Canadian Skootamatta Ice Contest

Apr 29, 2018

We had hoped to post pictures as the ice was disappearing, but you go away for three days and a lot can happen! We had said that when the ice goes out it will likely go out in a hurry. We were right. When I got here today at 5:00pm my contest area was about 50% ice. By 7:00 pm it had all been pushed to the south end of the lake. So... The official Great Canadian Skootamatta Ice Contest date is today, April 29.
Congratulations to this year's winners! Or should I say semi-finalists! The ultimate winner will be decided at the AGM on Saturday, July 7. Winners must be present to claim their prize. I will come up with some sort of contest to decide that winner.
Our winners are:
Nigel Van Loan
Helen Winslow
Susan Willemsen
Don & Pat Stafford
Nona Cumming
Ed Koehler
Ron Nowell (We should just wait for Ron to vote and take the same date!)
Mary Condon
Leo & Krista Marino
Sean Gilmore
See everyone at the AGM on July 7!
SDRA Board
APRIL 29 5PM.png    APRIL 29 730PM.png


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