Great Canadian Skootamatta Ice Contest

Apr 02, 2018

Did you enjoy your Easter Weekend? The lake was busy. Well, not the lake so much as the land around the lake where it was safe. There's still a lot of ice on the lake but it is beyond the point where we feel safe out there.
Which brings us to the Great Canadian Skootamatta Ice Contest. We are all starting to think about cottage season and what better way to kick it off than with our annual contest?  We had a very warm February, then a colder than usual March.  How will that impact the ice??? Your guess is as good as mine.

But guess we will!  Send your guesses for the day you think the ice will go out back to us by replying to this email address:
As usual we will use the portion of Skootamatta Lake between Oborne Point and Bible Island to determine the ice date.
We will check the ice daily. We are just looking for the date. Time does not matter. There will likely be more than one correct guess so we will come up with some way of determining the big winner at the AGM in July.
Last year's big winner was Laury Hitchcock.  Can she do it again?  Thank you to Gary & Kathy Shortt who donated a bottle of Ice Wine for last year's contest and to Roy & Nona Cumming who donated a bottle of homemade maple syrup.
Let's have some fun with this contest! Send your guesses in! 
SDRA Board


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