Great Canadian Skootamatta Ice Contest

Apr 01, 2017

It's the first day of April which means we will all start thinking about opening our cottages. But that can't happen until the ice goes out for many of us. I know I am anxious to see the water. What day will that be? So lets get the Great Canadian Skootamatta Ice Contest going again this year. Lots of fun and magnificent prizes........ well, great prizes.....well, some prizes. Did I mention LOTS OF FUN!!!

The contest is open to all paying SDRA members. Not a member yet? Go to where you can pay for a one or two year membership and get all the great benefits!

So send your guesses in by sending an e-mail to I will collect all the guesses and announce the winner when the ice goes out. Prizes will be awarded at the AGM in July. As usual I will watch the lake between Oborne Point and Bible Island to determine the date. Let's have some fun with this as we eagerly await another summer at Skootamatta.

SDRA Board


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