Eleanor Aass Cottage

Oct 14, 2013

Eleanor Aass

1397 Jacques Bay Road

Our cottage was built in the summer of 1957. We are the original owners in 2012.

My brother, Gordon Giffiths was a mining engineer, working for a Toronto based company. This company had hired some prospectors to check out some spots on the upper lake. My brother had to go and check out the claims. He needed a helper and since we had just emigrated to Canada from Norway, and had some free time, my husband, Haakon, decided to join him. They rented one of Harold Maybee’s cabins at Trails End, rented a boat and motor and visited the site. They met with the prospectors for several days. Every day, Haakon and my brother would pass this beautiful point of land on their way to talk to the prospectors. They talked about the land at length and decided that they wanted it. So, on the way back to Toronto, they stopped in at the office of the Lands and Forests in Tweed, and put in an application to buy the piece of land that they admired so. I don’t know how the gold search went, but I know that they found something very precious – our beloved cottage property that our family and friends have enjoyed for over fifty years.

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