Strategic Plan 2013-16

Message From The Board

The Board is pleased to present the 2013-2016 Strategic Plan. Our strategic plan will shape the focus of our work for the next 3 years. Good relationships with key partners such as Quinte Conservation, Ministry of Natural Resources, Mazinaw Lanark Forestry Inc., the Township of Lennox & Addington Highlands and especially our relationship with members will be key to our success in delivering some of the objectives that we have for the Association.

Ultimately this strategic plan is about strengthening our community in and around Skootamatta, Sheldrake and Pringle lakes. We hope that you will take an active role as a member in the Association to support and move this plan forward.

Included in this document are the key priorities for 2013-2014. I hope you will agree with these priorities and keep us posted on any new business items that you feel would be good candidates for the list in the upcoming year. As always we encourage your feedback so please send us a note at

Best regards, Debbie Awde, President