Membership in the Association ... is open to "all property owners on and adjacent to Sheldrake, Skootamatta and Pringle lakes".

While there have been loose associations of seasonal residents ever since cottages started appearing on the lakes early in the last century, the Association was not incorporated as an official body until 1983. The association monitors and actively participates in any process or activity that has the potential to impact residents in our area.

Please consider joining the association to help support our common interests, (Article 2 of our constitution). You'll get to meet your neighbours at our Annual General Meeting and BBQ, receive notice of and participate in organized events on the lake and be kept in touch with happenings in and around the area via our members' newsletter.

You have 2 options to apply for, or renew your membership.

  1. Apply Online (payment using PayPal)
  2. Print out the form below and drop it in the mail, with a cheque, as per the instructions.