Paul Lindsay  Vice President

Paul_Pic..jpgMy first trip to Skootamatta was the summer of 1952. I was about 4 months old. As I grew up we would spend the entire summer here. My Dad would come up every weekend and for his holidays. Then back home when school started. My grandparents built the family cottage in 1927. It burned down in 1934 and the current family cottage was built that same year. My sister has that cottage now and I built on the “Back Bay” half of the property in 1987.

I have been a licensed Funeral Director for over 35 years. I started in Funeral Service at my uncle’s Funeral Home in 1971. I have worked for a casket manufacturer as a sales representative for the past 20 years.

Though never particularly interested in politics I have become quite active promoting a Bill through Parliament. Lobbying MPs and Senators, attending debates, votes and committee hearings has occupied a great deal of my time in the past three or four years. I have gained a great appreciation for our Parliamentary system while also seeing some of the underhanded side of politics.

I have two kids, Dave and Michelle. Skootamatta is in our blood. We are five generations of cottagers and still going.