Jackie Bleecker  Webmaster

JACKIE IN NEW KAYAK_20150728_edit (2).jpgThe areas around Skootamatta Lake and the village of Flinton have been a second home to me my entire life.  My roots in the area run deep, as my Lessard and Stone ancestors settled in the vicinity of Flinton in the 1850s.  I have always been passionate about the local history of this area. 

In 1976 my parents purchased a vintage cottage on the lake. Our family property is part of the original ‘Loon Lake Colony’ which was established on Oborne Point early in the 1920s.  For the past 42 years we have spent summers at the lake and have fostered many special friendships.

I enjoyed watching my adult sons spend their childhood summers here.  I now look forward to my grandsons doing the same, as a 4th generation of our family begins to create their own treasured memories at the Skoot! 

Since 2016 I have been privileged to have been a year-round resident of the lake.  In addition to serving on the SDRA Board, I enjoy volunteering with The Cloyne Historical Society and Pioneer Museum, The Friends of Bon Echo Park and the Flinton Recreation Club.

My professional background is in software training, inventory systems, merchandising and retail management.

I joined the SDRA Board in 2016 and have been honoured to serve as the webmaster since 2017. 
I thoroughly enjoy being part of such a dedicated, collaborative and energized team!