Christie Arthurs  Secretary

I grew up loving the outdoors and nature, spending my summers camping with my family in Algonquin and other parks around the country. In 2002, I was lucky enough to meet Joel Arthurs, and in 2003, starting joining him and his family at their cottage at Skootamatta. It didn’t take me long to love this lake and the area, and the sense of community here. So much so that in 2008, I did the research for my Master’s Thesis here, focusing on communities in close proximity to parks (i.e. Bon Echo in our case), and the effect on the area. That in-depth research and time spent here doing it helped me to learn more about this area’s rich history, culture, and that sense of place that you just can’t experience but “at the lake”. Now, after more than a decade of regular trips up to the lake, I love it more than ever, so I joined the board in June of 2015.

When not at the lake, I’m at home in Waterloo (a mere 4.5 hour drive…) with Joel, our 4 pets, and a job as a primary school teacher.