Skootamatta District Ratepayers Association

The Skootamatta District Ratepayers Association was incorporated in the Province of Ontario (1983) as a not-for-profit corporation in 1983 to advance the interests of the property owners and their families resident on, and adjacent to Skootamatta, Sheldrake and Pringle Lakes.  The association's mandate is outlined in the Constitution.



The current directors of the board are:

President Debbie Awde  Bio  Email
Vice President   Paul Lindsay  Bio  Email
Director - Lake Steward Joel Arthurs  Bio
Director - Secretary Christie Arthurs  Bio 

Director - Treasurer

Bill Blake  Bio 

Director - Webmaster

Jackie Bleecker  Bio 
Director - Advertising Ellen Copeland  Bio 

Marianne Plumb  Bio

Director - Sheldrake Lake  TBA
Director - Pringle Lake TBA

FOCA Membership

The Association is a member of the Federation of Ontario Cottage Associations (FOCA).  There are numerous benefits to being a member of FOCA that apply not only to the board, but also to all of its members-in-good-standing - such as special discounts on subscriptions to Cottage Life Magazine.